The right technology can improve your business practices

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Asset Management

Do you know where your company assets are? We have extensive experience with wireless location technologies from GPS to RFID to WiFi and Bluetooth. We have tracked everything from rhinos in Africa to potato harvesters in Indiana to government ships, vehicles and aircraft to business equipment and personnel. If you need to locate it, we can probably track it!

App Solutions

We specialize in designing and developing smartphone and tablet applications to improve business operations. Our development experience includes fleet tracking apps, remote employee dispatch, shift scheduling and tracking, inventory management, real time operations management, alert notifications and Business Intelligence dashboards.


We are mobility and integration specialists. The ability to provide a good mobility solution is often an afterthought for many of today’s legacy systems. Let us design a mobile solution that will meet your specific needs and integrate it with your existing legacy system.

  • Android app UI screenshot

    Asset Location and Management

    Company assets such as vehicles, trailers, mowers, heavy construction equipment, and just about anything you can think of, can be accurately located and tracked using GPS and RFID. The example to the left shows a company vehicle parked in an employee's driveway.

  • Operations Management

    The example screen to the right shows the use of an app integrated with active RFID readers and tags to monitor and optimize a large commercial potato farming operation.

    TATERS System Statust
  • Android app UI screenshot

    Remote Employee Mobility Solutions

    Schedule and dispatch remote employees. See real-time status and location. Remote timesheets, signature capture, credit card processing, cloud storage integration, bar code scanning and paperless forms.

  • We can integrate our mobility solutions directly with databases such as ACCESS, MySQL, MS SQL as well as with SOAP and APIs and cloud storage providers such as DropBox.

  • We have developed over 20 apps for Google Glass from asset location to video streaming for medical personnel training.